Architectural Fusions and Finishes: 

Green Building that Saves Money and Downtime

Do You Know How Much Your Interior Renovations Really Cost?

You may know the amount you pay the contractor, but what about:

  • Cost to the Environment (landfill waste, use of natural resources)
  • Cost of Downtime (lost revenue and staff productivity)

​Do You Know How Much Your Interior Renovations Should Cost?

You have three options with your interior finishes:

  • Rip out and Replace 
  • Relaminate or Refinish
  • Resurface with Architectural Fusions

Consider some cabinets you may have in your office. Would you rather:

  • Rip out, throw away, and replace for $6,000-$8,000
  • Relaminate for $5,000 and interrupt your business due to the smell and dust
  • Resurface with architectural fusions for $3,000-$4,000, keep your business running, and prevent landfill waste

Architectural fusions give a new finish to existing walls, doors, casework, columns, and more. By wrapping these elements with a fusion, you give your interiors a new look within a matter of hours or days, not weeks. You prevent unnecessary landfill waste, and you still save money on the bottom line.

Whether you are an owner, facility manager, architect, or designer, let us help you save time, money, and the earth with architectural fusions. Keep reading for a time-lapse installation video, client testimonials, project galleries, and more. You can also chat or schedule a conversation with us by clicking one of the buttons in the blue box.  



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A video is worth a thousand words

What does the actual process look like? Watch this video to see a time lapse of an architectural film wrap. In the words of the client, "instant maple door."


“Installing architectural film over existing lobby and elevator panels give us an immediate building enhancement with no downtime. Our tenants' TI dollars go further by updating existing millwork with a new surface covering and supports our Owners' dedication to sound environmental practices including diverting reusable resources from local landfills. Architectural Fusions' installers give us a final product that is indistinguishable from a new installation and is very durable." 

Catherine Winder

Senior Property Manager

Accesso Services

“Architectural Fusions did an amazing job assisting us with providing a refreshing, updated look for our patients and staff at Riverside Health System. The work performed by the installation staff was superb in quality and appearance. The clinical staff were thoroughly pleased with the results. I’m glad that we made the decision to resurface, instead of fully replacing. I absolutely recommend Architectural Fusions for projects (large or small) based on the results of this project. It’s hard to envision how this work could have turned out any better.”

Reginald Warren


Save Money

  • Reduce construction costs by wrapping existing millwork instead of throwing it away
  • Protect revenue by using a product and process that installs quickly and cleanly

Green Building

  • Reduce construction waste
  • LEED positive for adaptive reuse
  • Recyclable product 
  • Sustain the natural environment

Keep Your Space Refreshed

  • Architectural films retain their finish better than wood & stone
  • Architectural films can be patched/repaired if damaged
  • Protective finishes like Cerarl and Inpro ensure your property keeps its new look


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